Spiritual Journey Affirmation Cards


Add something new and awesome to your Etsy Shop or your own online store! Printable PLR Spiritual Affirmation Cards & Quiz Videos can be used to create faceless videos for shorts to help you promote your shop or sell to your customers!

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Help your audience embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace and self-discovery with these Spiritual Journey Affirmation Cards.

Each card is thoughtfully crafted to inspire and uplift the spirit, guiding them through affirmations that nurture their soul and strengthen their spiritual connection.

Spiritual journey affirmation cards

These printable PLR affirmation cards are super popular and will do well on Etsy and in your own shop! Utilize the Canva templates to expand and personalize them or sell them as is.


Not only do you get the affirmation cards, you’ll also get 50 Spirituality 101 Quiz Videos! Each video is 17 seconds long. A video tutorial is included showing you how to take the individual quiz questions and create a longer quiz video!

Use them for shorts and drive traffic to your offers.


BONUS: 6 audio files to use with the quizzes or however you like!



You can also use the individual images of the women and add them to your journals, planners, calendars if you choose to.


Here’s a recap of what’ inside the Spiritual Journey Kit:

  • 30 Affirmation Cards (2.5″x3.5″ & 5″x7″)

  • 30 Cards sized for social media

  • 50 Quiz Videos

  • Video Tutorial

  • 30 Transparent png graphics

  • Bonus 6 Audio Files

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to effortlessly create stunning spiritual journey affirmation cards and videos that will delight your customers and boost your sales! Make the smart choice, and give yourself the tools you need to succeed.


What Rights Come With This Package?

  • You CAN create UNLIMITED products to sell to your customers who get personal use rights
  • You CAN use the images in an unlimited number of products as you like without attribution.

What Can’t I Do With This Package?

  • You CANNOT sell, give away, or distribute the individual graphics or videos in any way as stand-alone assets. They must be included in a design that you create.
  • You CANNOT sell the assets with MRR or PLR. The end user gets only personal use rights.
  • You CANNOT distribute or sell them on Creative Fabrica, Design Cuts, Inky Deals, Fivver or similar sites.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of PLR Content, no refunds are offered. The product is clearly represented on the sales page so buyers are aware of exactly what they will be receiving before purchase.