As an author, one is usually always very aware of the word count when writing. In fact, many of the most successful authors set a target goal of a certain number of words to write every day, ensuring that they meet their deadlines easily.

Professional writers know they need to write a certain number of words every day if they want to complete their project or book on time.

So, the concept of “low content” and “zero content” books probably sounds pretty bizarre to most folks that may not be actively engaged in producing these types of books!

But the truth is that there’s a thriving business with “low content” and “no content” books on Amazon and other similar market places today.

So…what exactly IS a “no content” book?

In reality, even a “no content” book has some content in it – it’s just not a text-rich book in the ‘traditional’ sense, such as a novel.

Books that fall into these categories of “no-content” books are journals, with either blank or lined pages and image-based books, such as the very popular adult coloring books.

Any book that contains no written content can be considered a “no content” book even though it may contain other forms of content, such as images or graphics, or even small amounts of text.

What is a low content book?

A low content book is a book that does contain written content, but far less than would be contained in a typical book. Examples would be a personal planner or journal with daily quotes, or a yearly planner with days and months listed.

Recipe books are often considered low content books, depending on the percentage of written word versus photos.

The bottom line is that while low content books do actually contain written content, it’s always a lot less than a traditional book.

Making money with no and low content books!

Believe it or not, these types of books are among some of the hottest selling verticals on Amazon and other marketplaces, both online and in brick and mortar stores.

Adult coloring books and puzzle books have been top-sellers on Amazon for a very long time. Journals are hot sellers year-round, especially those that address the needs of a specific niche, such as weight loss or personal improvement. Planners appeal to almost everyone, from the busy soccer mom to the business professional.

Who buys no and low content books?

This is what makes these types of books so much fun to create! The market is huge and varied! You can create no content and low content books for virtually any hobby, interest or niche that you can think of.

Spend a few minutes in your local Barnes & Noble or visit and you will be amazed at the variety of planners, journals and coloring books that are on the market today.

Having trouble settling on a specific idea? If you have a particular hobby or industry that you are involved in, why not create the journal or planner you would like to have for yourself? This lets you create the ‘perfect’ low content products, such as journals and planners, that meet the needs of your specific niche based on your own ‘insider’ knowledge and is an easy way to get your first foray into the low content book world off to a great start.