Mood Tracker Templates


A great way to track moods and feelings, and give an overall picture of how someone is dealing with events in their daily lives!



Trying to keep a positive mindset is often extremely difficult at the best of times and seems almost impossible during the worst of times.

Mood trackers are a great resource when folks are trying to keep track of their daily moods or feelings and energy in order to help themselves raise their vibration or just to keep track of feelings of anxiety, joy, anger, etc.

You can add these to all sorts of different types of journals and planners and edit them to fit the subject matter.


These 8″x10″ Powerpoint templates are fully editable and you can create all sorts of trackers using them. Turn them into:


  • Food Trackers

  • Exercise Trackers

  • Chore Trackers

  • Stop Smoking Trackers

  • Sleep Trackers


Here’s a preview of your 20 – 8″x10″ Mood Tracker Templates which come in Powerpoint and PNG file formats.

Go in and edit the templates to your liking, copy the template once you’re done and paste it into whatever journal or planner you’re working on.

Grab these awesome mood trackers now and add them to your journals and planners today!



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