Mindful Meditation Journal PLR


Meditation Is a Hot, Lucrative Niche That People Are Passionate About and They Are Ready to Spend Money!
Reach out to this passionate target market with this done-for-you Meditation Journal.
Thrill your audience with this 21 Day Mindful Meditation Journal that will help solidify their meditation practice into their everyday lives.

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PLR Mindful Meditation Journal

What you get

1. A 66 Page Powerpoint Template of a 21 day mindful meditation journal that will allow you to create an unlimited number of Journals and Planners. Comes in 6″x9″ & 8.5″x11″ sizes in color and grey scale versions.


Although this offer is being presented as a meditation journal, it’s so easy to edit the Powerpoint template that you’ll be able to quickly create any type of journal or planner you like!

By thinking outside the box you can pretty much create a journal or planner in any niche you choose. Take the individual page templates and mix and match and edit them in any way you see fit.

Some ideas on different journals and planners you can quickly create with this template: a gratitude journal, a motivational journal, a yoga journal, etc.


2. Professionally Designed eCover Set: 3 x 3D versions + PSD files.

3. 15 High Resolution PNG Images to use in the journal or anywhere you’d like. Each image comes in Pink, Blue and Gray.

4. PNG Files of the journal pages so you can just insert them into Word or Powerpoint to create your journals.

5. PDF Files of the color and gray scale Journals

Brand it and sell it on your website, Etsy, Amazon or any other marketplace you like.

Give it away as a lead magnet to add subscribers to your list.

Create a 3 week course helping your audience become more mindful in their meditation practice.

Let your creativity and imagination run wild!


PLR Rights:

  • You CAN create UNLIMITED planners for your own personal use.
  • You CAN create UNLIMITED planners to sell as printable PDF files in your Etsy store, on your own website or sell the COMPLETED planners as hard copies on Amazon or anywhere else you like.
  • You CAN create COMPLETED planners for your clients
  • You CAN give your COMPLETED planners away (as gifts, as lead magnets, as a bonus, etc.)
  • You CAN use the images in an unlimited number of planners as you like without attribution.

The only restrictions are that you CANNOT: 1) give away or sell the PLR to this package 2) give away or sell the source files (templates or graphics).

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of PLR Content, no refunds are offered.