Zoo Animal Bonuses

Grab Huw’s Zoo Animals Coloring Book Kit & My Bonuses Before They Go Up In Price in…


Huw’s FE Offer

30 detailed never before released Zoo Animal Drawings

Your Bonus for the FE


30 Sporty Animal Coloring Images


You need to purchase the FE to get this bonus



Huw’s OTO1

60 premium matching background designs


Your Bonus for OTO1


30 Matching Background Coloring Images with and without the Sporty Animals


You need to purchase OTO1 to get this bonus




Huw’s OTO2

30 dot-to-dot drawings and 30 writing exercises.



Your Bonus for OTO2


A $27 Coupon to use in the Color Me Positive PLR Shop

You need to purchase OTO2 to get this bonus


Huw’s OTO3

30 Color Backgrounds and 30 Color Animals.


Your Bonus for OTO3


30 Color Sporty Animals and 30 Color Backgrounds with and without the Animals


You need to purchase OTO3 to get this bonus







That’s a ton of design assets to use in your creations!

Grab this kit before the timer hits zero to get the best value!