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You Are Gonna Love Niranjan & Bing's Black Friday Sale!

This is a Black Friday Sale with a Twist! The new Shape Word Search Generator App is not available until February 16th. But you get to grab it now for an extremely discounted price!

The team has been working on this app which is a combination of word search puzzles & the shaped mazes for eight months. Brilliant idea! Below is an image of what you can create. 

There are still two months of work to be done in order to make this software as perfect as possible in order for the guys to release it. But you can purchase it now at an extremely discounted rate!

You'll get the FULL app to use once it's released in February instead of having to purchase each level to get the upgrades. 

What?!? Yup, you'll get the full functioning app in February when you purchase today for just $47!

AND you can pick up the OTO1 today of over 300 specially prepared images to create your Shape Word Search Puzzles in February for just $37!

I have bonuses for you today that you can download immediately after purchase.

I will also be promoting this in February and creating new bonuses for the folks that purchase it through my link at that time.

Those who purchase in February will NOT be getting the bonuses available for this Black Friday Sale.

BUT you will get the bonuses I create in February without having to purchase anything further!!

Check out your immediate bonuses below and then head on over to take advantage of this crazy, special Black Friday Sale from two of the best and most caring marketers I've ever known!


  • 30 Cute Perfect Penguins Line Art Illustrations
  • 30 Background Illustrations WITH the Perfect Penguins
  • 30 Background Illustrations WITHOUT the Perfect Penguins
  • 20 Fun Houses to Use with Your Penguins, Gnomes, Fairies, Forest Animals or any Characters you choose.


  • 30 Fully Colored Perfect Penguin Illustrations
  • 30 Fully Colored Versions of the Backgrounds WITH the Perfect Penguins
  • 30 Fully Colored Versions of the Backgrounds WITHOUT the Perfect Penguins
  • 30 Beautiful Line Art Mandalas

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to get this unique product today at the lowest price you'll ever see from Niranjan & Bing along with my bonuses which you can download immediately and the February bonuses which you can download when the launch goes live! 

I have no hesitation recommending this pre-launch product to you because I know, LOVE & trust these two product creators implicitly!

Happy Creating,

Maureen @ Color Me Positive PLR

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