Bride to Be Bonuses

I started working on some bonuses for Chris’ release of his awesome Brides To Be Coloring Pack and then oops, an ice storm and a power outage got in the way!

So I added my unreleased Catfish Coloring Pack as bonuses. Not really related to Brides but hey they are super cute and you can create a coloring book for kids to color at the wedding!


Grab Chris’ Bride to Be Coloring Book Kit & My Bonuses Before They Go Up In Price in…


Chris’ FE Offer

The Front End offer includes 30 High Quality Designs in transparent PNG and SVG format.

All 30 designs feature original designs that are ready to be colored.

Your Bonus for the FE


30 You Fill It Designs + DFY 30 Designs + 30 Line Art Catfish Illustrations

You need to purchase the FE to get this bonus


Add your own patterns to the illustrations to create unique to you coloring images


30 Catfish Line Art Ilustrations



Chris’ OTO1

30 background images in PNG and SVG format as well as

30 images with the designs incorporated into the backgrounds.

Chris’ OTO2

30 fully colored characters in transparent PNG and SVG format.

Chris’ OTO3

30 Color backgrounds and 30 Color backgrounds with images incorporated to each. A total of 60 illustrations.


Buy any one of the above Upsells and Get the rest of the Catfish Coloring Packs which include:

30 Line Art Background Images with the Catfish on them and 30 Line Art Background Images Without Them

30 Color Images of the Catfish

30 Color Background Images with the Catfish on them and 30 Color Backgrounds Without Them


30 Fully Colored Catfish Illustrations





That’s a ton of design assets to use in your creations!

Grab this kit before the timer hits zero to get the best value!